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Integrative Somatic Yoga

Advanced Online Study Program &

In-Person 300 Hour Teacher Training


Learn the art of Integrative Somatic Yoga (ISY).  This practice integrates gentle therapeutic yoga postures with the neural-muscular re-education of somatics combined with awareness practices of mindfulness meditation.  This unique therapeutic integration cultivates an inner listening, increases proprioceptive awareness, and retrains the nervous system to release involuntary muscular contraction that restores natural movement and decreases pain. 

Lynne is currently developing two unique trainings in ISY:

--An online or in person 100 Hour ISY Certification for current yoga teachers, body workers, health care professionals, and therapists who would like to add to the healing modalities that they offer. Integrated Somatic Yoga is especially helpful for professionals that work with special populations such as seniors; cancer survivors; PTSD therapy, yoga for back care, yoga for osteoarthritis, desk workers; even  athletes seeking to improve their performance, recovery and/or rehabilitation. All online courses earn CEU's from Yoga Alliance.

-- Advanced Teacher Training Program in ISY.  This in-person training will be available as part of a 300 hour Yoga Alliance approved training program for yoga teachers that are already certified at the 200 hour level and wish to advance their studies in this gentle and therapeutic style of yoga.


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Teacher Mentoring

Are you a yoga teacher needing help in all aspects of teaching group classes or working with private clients? With over 13 years of successfully owning a yoga studio, teaching group classes and private sessions, Lynne can assist you in all aspects of teaching including managing the business side of teaching yoga.  Please contact her to set up a mentoring session.  Standard private session rates apply.


Teacher Training Testimonies

“Lynne Jacobs has built her program to truly nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each of the teacher trainees. If you are wishing to deepen your practice and change your life, then this Teacher Training certification program is exactly what you are looking for”.  ~ Libby Gore


This program is for anyone wishing to share the gift of yoga and its many facets as a teacher or to deepen your present practice with self awareness and reconnect you to a more fulfilled life. It is never too late to enhance your passion for yoga and explore the strength of mind and body and nurture your spirit with inner peace. ~Nereida Diaz


Taking the teacher training with Lynne was one of the best things I have ever done. The training expanded my knowledge of yoga and was insightful. The personal guidance to meditate and have a daily practice improved my yoga teaching better than it was before. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~Judith Jennings


I am forever grateful for Lynne, her wisdom, warmth and knowledge. I started training to “teach yoga”. Through asana, meditation, and the love I have for my fellow students, I have learned about myself, found my passion, and have grown as a person. Whatever the reason for entering training, a person will be on the greatest adventure of personal discovery and growth, while meeting, loving and bonding with people who will change their heart and world. I would go through the training again in a moment! ~Jill Condra


It has been an incredible and amazing experience for me. I know I speak for our group when I say “this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” It will impact my life from this point forward in a most positive way.” ~Sandra Morris


I came to this RYT training with the intention of broadening my knowledge as a yoga instructor and earning my RYT certification to further my career as a fitness instructor. In the end my intention was filled. What I never anticipated was the empowering spiritual awareness and awakening yoga brought to my mind, body and soul. Thank you , Lynne!~ Ellyn Houston